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  Myofunctional Solutions            Breathe, Sleep & Smile Better  


Sleep Better:  

Myofunctional Therapy can be a valuable part of treatment for relief from Sleep Disordered Breathing,
Sleep Apnea or UARS.*

Sleep Apnea, UARS, and " Sleep Disordered Breathing," are being diagnosed at alarming  rates in both adults AND children. Some of the common symptoms are snoring,  low energy, poor memory, and falling asleep at inappropriate times. 

We also now know that for many children suffering from symptoms of ADHD, the ROOT CAUSE  is often Sleep - Breathing Disorders.*

An important, published , peer-reviewed study      showed  patients receiving Myofunctional Therapy,       i  n  addition to medical therapies, improved  their  Apnea/Hypopnea Index an average of  50%  more          in adults, and over  60%  more in children! *

Breathe Better!

A Main Goal of Myofunctional Therapy is to Enhance Nasal Breathing: 

Nasal Breathing is less tiring than mouth breathing, better for oral health, digestion, and more thoroughly oxygenates our brains and bodies.   

Our noses are a natural filtering mechanism:   Breathing through the nose filters out airborne pollen, bacteria, and dust particles.  Because of this,  people find that learning to breathe through their nose  often decreases symptoms of allergies  and asthma,.

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Smile More!

By improving breathing, lip and tongue positions, and sleep disorders with the help of both their medical professionals and Myofunctional Therapy, many people find they are healthier, happier and more content with their lives.



Smile More!

Because people who benefit from Myofunctional Therapy  typically      Breathe and Sleep better, they often find they feel more relaxed, have more energy, and may be more content in their daily lives:

        Who Wouldn't Smile More?   


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You or Your Child!

Father and Children
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